Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon

  • License: Pokemon
  • Made by: Difuzed
  • Approximate size: 47 x 34 cms
  • SKU: MERCH05270
14,90 €
Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon
Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon
Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon
Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon
Team Rocket GYM Bag Pokemon

Product Name: GYM Team Rocket Pokémon Bag

Product Type: GYM Backpack

Reason: Team Rocket

License: Pokémon - ポ ケ ッ ト モ ン ス タ ー

Manufacturer: Difuzed

Specifications: Polyester GYM backpack.

Measurements (approx.): 47 x 34 cm

"Looking for trouble? Well listen to our motto. To protect the world from devastation. To unite all peoples into one nation. To denounce the enemies of truth and love. To extend our power beyond outer space. Jessie! James! Team Rocket takes off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! ” The funniest villains in Pokémon are the stars of this new GYM bag model offered by Difuzed. These charismatic characters have transcended their appearances in video games and anime of the saga to become true icons of popular culture! His motto is unforgettable!

This fantastic gym backpack is made of polyester and measures approximately 47 centimeters high by 34 centimeters wide. The upper edge is closed with twine. It is plain black and on its surface we can see an illustration in which the three most famous members of Team Rocket appear: Jessie, James and Meowth. It is an official product of Pokémon and has been manufactured by Difuzed.

Are you looking for problems? Well, get hold of the great GYM Team Rocket Pokémon bag that Difuzed offers us!

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