Time Lord Heat Changing Mug Doctor Who

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Time Lord Heat Changing Mug Doctor Who

Have breakfast like an authentic Time Lord with this incredible heat changing mug from Doctor Who! For eons, the Time Lords have kept the secret of temporal travel. Going into the depths of the Time Vortex was too dangerous... but one of them decided that he wouldn't follow the rules of his people and devote his life to discovering the wonders hidden in time and space. We refer to the Doctor, the famous time traveler of the Doctor Who cult series! Thanks to his TARDIS, the Doctor goes through the Time Vortex again and again! This mug that Half Moon Bay offers shows it to you!

This great mug is made of ceramic and measures 11 centimeters high by 10 wide, approximately. Its capacity is 450 milliliters. In its normal state, the mug shows the closed doors of the TARDIS, with its usual appearance of a blue cabin. When the cup warms up, the image behind it is shown: the TARDIS traveling through the violent currents of the Time Vortex. It's a fantastic effect! This product cann't be used in the microwave nor can be washed in the dishwasher. It's necessary to wash by hand to avoid the deterioration of the materials that allow the effect with the change of temperature. It's an official Doctor Who license manufactured by Half Moon Bay.

Willing to travel through the Time Vortex? The TARDIS awaits you! This Time Lord Heat Changing Mug Doctor Who made by Half Moon Bay could be yours right now!

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