Uraraka Ochaco Figure My Hero Academia Age of Heroes Vol 3

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Uraraka Ochaco Figure My Hero Academia Age of Heroes Vol 3

Banpresto's Age of Heroes line continues to grow as new My Hero Academia characters are added! It's the turn of Ochaco Uraraka, the female protagonist of the hit series! This girl is one of the hero apprentices who study in class 1-A of the U. A. Academy and she owns an impressive quirk called Zero Gravity. Its power allows she to manipulate gravity, causing objects to lose all their weight and begin to float in the air when she touch them with her five fingers at the same time. Putting the tips of her fingers together will cancel the effects of her quirk. The problem with the manipulation of gravity is that, if it's used too much or if it's used to float for too long, Ochaco will start to feel dizzy and nauseous. Ochaco is extroverted and cheerful, standing out for her great kindness. Her humble origin makes her greatly value the comforts. In fact, her motivation to become a hero is to be able to provide her parents with a comfortable and carefree life

This fantastic figure of Ochaco Uraraka is made of PVC and measures approximately 15 centimeters high. The character appears wearing her hero costume, which consists of a tight black suit with rounded knee-length boots, a belt, and thick, light pink round bracelets. The uniform collar and chest are pale pink. This uniform is designed to minimize the impact in her body of using her powers. Ochaco appears raising her arms to his sides and clenching her fists while concentrating. This figure is an official and licensed product of My Hero Academia and it has been manufactured by Banpresto within its Age of Heroes line.

Join class 1-A of the U. A. Academy! Get now the great Uraraka Ochaco Figure My Hero Academy Age of Heroes Vol. 3 that Banpresto offers us!

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