Vegeta SS4 Metallic Hair Color Figure Dragon Ball GT Blood of Saiyans

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Vegeta SS4 Metallic Hair Color Figure Dragon Ball GT Blood of Saiyans

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Banpresto's Blood of Saiyans line brings us back to the times of Dragon Ball GT thanks to this fantastic figure of Vegeta Super Saiyan 4! One of the most original (and controversial) aspects that introduced the Dragon Ball GT series at the time was the new level of Super Saiyan that Goku and Vegeta could reach. This level, which at that time was considered the definitive transformation of our heroes, combined the raw power of the ozaru state (the great monkey in which the Saiyans were transformed) with the refinement and technique of the Super Saiyan. In this transformation, the characters' hair didn't acquire the characteristic yellow color of Super Saiyan. Instead, his body was covered with the hair of the ozaru, except for the chest and abdomen. Loved by some fans and hated by others, the SS4 level was one of the great milestones of the Dragon Ball GT era. Goku was the first to reach it, of course, but Vegeta didn't take long to follow in his footsteps.

This great figure of Dragon Ball GT is made of PVC and measures 20 centimeters high, approximately. In it we can see Vegeta transformed into SS4. The character appears clenching his fists while placing his arms on both sides of the body and concentrating his energy. We can see his long black hair and the red lines that line his eyes when reaching this state. His bare chest is covered with reddish hair, except the pectorals and abdominals. At his back we can see Vegeta's tail. The base support of the figure is included. It's an official license of Dragon Ball GT and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Recall the power of the Super Saiyan 4 thanks to this spectacular Vegeta SS4 Metallic Hair Color Figure Dragon Ball GT Blood of Saiyans offered by Banpresto!

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