Vegeta SSJ Figure Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden

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Vegeta SSJ Figure Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden

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The Chosenshiretsuden line from Banpresto presents us our favorite Saiyans in action-packed poses! It's the turn of Vegeta's new figure! The proud Prince of the Saiyans is one of the key characters in the history of Dragon Ball and has had outstanding roles in both Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta is the eternal rival of Goku and has always tried to escape from his shadow. Unfortunately, he has never managed to overcome the power levels of his rival... although that doesn't mean he has stopped trying! Vegeta has always strived to equal Goku and that is why he has undergone the hardest training imaginable. Whenever his opponent reached a new level of strength, Vegeta struggled twice to follow in his footsteps. In this way, his power hasn't stopped growing. He may have had to swallow his pride on more than one occasion, but Vegeta has never given up!

This figure of Vegeta of the Chosenshiretsuden line is made of PVC and measures 20 centimeters high, approximately. Vegeta appears transformed into Super Saiyan and wears his usual Saiyan combat costume. A light armor covers his chest and his hands and legs are protected by gloves and boots. Vegeta appears in full jump, with all his body flexed in preparation to unload a huge force blow. His arms are folded behind his head, about to launch his attack. The figure is held on a PVC arm that rises above the base. This figure is an official and licensed product of Dragon Ball Super and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Vegeta is about to show how far his strength goes! Get now the great Vegeta SSJ Figure Dragon Ball Super Chosenshiretsuden that Banpresto offers us!

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