Wallet and Keychain Kanji Dragon Ball Z Pack

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Wallet and Keychain Kanji Dragon Ball Z Pack

Need a gift for a Dragon Ball Z fan but you can't decide on one thing? You can always give several things in a single pack! ABYstyle offers you this original gift pack with two great accessories inspired by the adventures of Goku and his friends. They are two gifts in one! This pack is focused on the kanji that Goku wears in his martial arts gi over the years. Did you know that our hero has used several depending on who was his teacher at that time and the training he was carrying out? Westerners may have missed this detail, but each of them had its meaning.

This pack contains a wallet and a keychain inspired by the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. First, we found a wallet whose exterior is made in orange. In the front we can see Goku transformed into Super Saiyan and throwing himself into battle. The official logo of Dragon Ball Z also appears. In the back of the wallet we can see the kanji of "wisdom", which is the one adopted by Goku after his training for the fight in Namek against Frieza and his henchmen. The inside of the wallet is black and we can find different compartments to store both money and cards. Finally, the pack also includes a metal keychain with the "turtle" kanji. This is the Kanji that Goku wears in his first martial arts uniform, after finishing his training with the master Muten Roshi. This pack is an official license of Dragon Ball Z manufactured by ABYstyle.

This great gift pack is perfect for any Dragon Ball Z fan! Look no further and get now the Wallet and Keychain Kanji Dragon Ball Z Pack manufactured by ABYstyle!

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