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Hylian Shield Plastic glow in the dark Replica The Legend of Zelda
Hylian Shield Plastic glow in the dark Replica The Legend of Zelda
Made by: ABYstyle
Approximate size: 30 x 2 x 36 cms
SKU: REP0070

The Hylian Shield is one of the most recognizable objects in The Legend of Zelda saga. Since its first appearance in the legendary game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, this Link's shield has become an icon for players around the world. Although its design has varied slightly from one game to another, all agree in representing the emblem of the Triforce above a red bird with outstretched wings. Used by the Knights of Hyrule of antiquity, this shield has become the symbol of Link, the great protagonist of the saga. How could it be otherwise, this shield is also present in the last great adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch, where it can be found in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle. Any video game lover would want to own a replica of this legendary object! What do you think of this Hylian Shield that ABYstyle offers us? It even glow in the dark!

This impressive replica is made of plastic and measures 36 centimeters high by 30 centimeters long. The shield is about 2 centimeters thick, so it's a great piece both for display and to be used as a complement to cosplay. This shield reproduces the design that we could see in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with its characteristic colors yellow, red, blue and silver. Both the emblem of the Triforce and the bird with its wings spread are present on its surface. It's the same as in the game! This product is an official license of The Legend of Zelda manufactured by ABYstyle.

Become the new incarnation of the greatest hero of Hyrule thanks to this Hylian Shield Plastic glow in the dark Replica The Legend of Zelda manufactured by ABYstyle!

14,90 €
Broken Lance of Leonidas Replica Assassins Creed Odyssey
Broken Lance of Leonidas Replica Assassins Creed Odyssey
License: Assassins Creed
Approximate size: 60cm
SKU: FIG07069
Approximate departure date: NOVEMBER 2018End date of Pre-Order: June 25, 2018Mythical reproduction of the broken spear of the legendary King Leonidas!The spear of Leonidas is an ancient artifact of incredible power that was forged by the king of Sparta for the battle of the thermopiles. When the story of Assassins Creed Odyssey takes course the spear is broken but it is still a very powerful weapon and a familiar relic. It has been passed on to Kassandra / Alexios so that they can discover the truth behind their heroic legacy. This incredible replica of Leonidas' broken spear from the Assassins Creed Odyssey video game is 60 cm long on a real scale and has been manufactured by the Ubisoft company in high quality PVC. Ideal for your future cosplay of Kassandra Alexios or as one of your star pieces within your collection of the Assassins Creed universe that has so many fants throughout the world.It possesses one of the most powerful legendary weapons of all Greece with this Replica Broken Lance of Leonidas Assassins Creed Odyssey!
79,90 € 69,90 €
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Katana Zengetsu Bankai - Bleach
Katana Zengetsu Bankai - Bleach
Approximate size: 137cm

Salida de la serie Bleach no llega a la Katana de Ichigo, la Zengetsu Bankai.

Esta Katana decorativa tiene todos los detalles replicados de la original, y es perfecta tanto para coleccionistas como para Cosplayers que están buscando una Katana de este personaje.

Sus especificaciones son las siguientes: Largo total: 137 cm, Longitud de la hoja: 95 cm, Longitud del mango: 40,5 cm, Peso: 1.3 kg, Fabricada en Acero inoxidable 440, Mango con decoración en tela, Hoja de color negro

Conviértete en un gran maestro en tu propia disciplina con esta gran Katana Zengetsu Bankai de Bleach.

79,90 €
Hylian shield The Legend of Zelda LARP
Hylian shield The Legend of Zelda LARP
Approximate size: 55.5*45
SKU: REP0069

Protect yourself with the Hyliano Shield during your adventures!

Hyrule is under the threat of the terrible Ganondorf and only the hero of the legend will be able to save this land from its total destruction and rescue Princess Zelda to restore peace. Link will travel the lands of Hyrule facing all kinds of challenges and enemies to each more powerful and for this will have the Master Sword and the incredible Hyliano Shield as the best asset to defend against all the threats that will be on their way to victory . Incredible foam replica, suitable for events and LARP, Hyliano Shield used by Link in the videogame saga The Legend of Zelda.

Made with high quality foam rubber, measuring 55.5 x 45cm

Do not forget your Master Sword to fight the forces of evil and protect yourself with this Hyliano Shield The Legend of Zelda LARP!

29,95 €
Wood Katana - Bokken #02
Wood Katana - Bokken #02
21,90 €
Ball Pokemon - Ultra ball
Ball Pokemon - Ultra ball
License: Pokemon
  • One Piece flag with the character Buggy High quality printing and edges reinforced with rivets for anchoring Approximate measurements: 96cm wide x 64cm high
9,90 €
Pokemon Trainer´s Kalos Region Pokédex
Pokemon Trainer´s Kalos Region Pokédex
License: Pokemon
SKU: MERCH024424
29,90 € 24,99 €
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