Panda Kigurumi
Panda Kigurumi
Approximate size: S

The panda is one of the most frequent animals in manga and anime. This mammal native to China feeds almost exclusively on bamboo cane, unlike other bear species that are carnivorous. Their peculiar bicolor appearance makes them especially adorable. It's not uncommon for our favorite authors to turn to them in their stories! For example, Gemma Saotome from Ranma ½ or Ryu Ryu from Princess Resurrection come to mind. Even the well-known fighting game Tekken had a panda among his fighters! Would you also like to be one of these adorable bears? We have what you need among our wide assortment of kigurumis!

This panda kigurumi is made with soft stuffed fabric. It closes thanks to some buttons located in the front and imitates the black and white color pattern of the famous animal. The face of the bear appears in the hood, in which we can see the characteristic black spots that surround its eyes. The ears of the panda are in relief. This kigurumi is available in several sizes (S, M, L and XL).

Become a real teddy bear with this panda kigurumi!

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