Astolfo Black Rider Vol. 2 Figure Fate/Apocrypha

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Astolfo Black Rider Vol. 2 Figure Fate/Apocrypha

Directly from Fate/Apocrypha comes this new version of the Servant figure of the Rider type made by Taito: it's Astolfo! The light novel of Fate/Apocrypha shows us an alternative world in which the mysterious group known as Yggdmillennia seized the Holy Grail and declared war on the Association of Magicians in the city of Trifas, located in the region of Transylvania. One of the wizards of the association then invoked fourteen Servants (the spirits of great heroes of the past who can be summoned by the wizards of the Fate saga) to fight against Yggdmillennia, while their enemies did the same... and this is how the Great War for the Holy Grail began again! Black Rider, whose real name is Astolfo, is one of the Servants invoked by Yggdmillennia for combat and belongs to the Black Faction, so he fights on the side of the villains. His appearance is that of an androgynous boy with light pink hair gathered in a long braid. He dress on purpose with girl clothes, as he enjoys confusing his enemies.

This figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 18 centimeters in height. Astolfo appears in a dynamic pose, with his cape and long braid fluttering in the wind. The character smiles as he extends his arms and raises one leg in a cheerful gesture. His clothes are represented in great detail, including the ties with which he adorns his pink hair and the golden pieces of his armor. Part of her thighs is exposed, which accentuates the androgynous aspect of the character. This figure is an official license of Fate/Apocrypha and has been manufactured by Taito.

Do you already have all the Servants of the Fate saga in your collection? What are you waiting for to add the Astolfo Black Rider Vol. 2 Figure Fate/Apocrypha that Taito offers us?

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