Box 7 Naruto DVD

36,90 €
Box 7 Naruto DVD
Box 7 Naruto DVD
Box 7 Naruto DVD

The adventures of Naruto in full and uncensored edition on DVD continue! Back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto becomes impatient. He has only one thing in mind: to find Sasuke, who remains unaccounted for after falling into the clutches of Orochimaru. Unfortunately, Tsunade seems to have other plans for him and sends him in the company of Tenten and Neji to the Land of Birds to investigate the appearance of a ghost known as the white warrior. When Naruto decides to improvise on his own he ends up being condemned to death. Further ahead, a new mission awaits with Anko, in which they must travel to the Land of the Sea to eliminate a strange marine creature that terrorizes the population. There, Anko begins to behave strangely as she remembers the sordid connection that linked her to Orochimaru in the past...

General characteristics:

Format: Series

System: DVD

Original version: Japanese

Original title: NARUTO

Director: Hayato Date

Author: Masashi Kishimoto

Country of production: Japan


Audio (language): Japanese, Spanish

Subtitles: Spanish

Audio: Spanish Audio 2.0 DD Japanese Audio 2.0 DD

Gender: Action

Type of product: Japanese animation

Number of episodes: 151 to 175

Qualification: Over 12 years

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