Box 8 Naruto DVD

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Box 8 Naruto DVD

The adventures of Naruto continue on DVD! When Neji, Rock Lee and Tenten are entrusted with the mission of protecting a valuable meteorite fallen in the Hidden Village of the Star, Naruto insists on accompanying them thinking that it could be related to the evil Orochimaru. Shortly after, Naruto, Hinata and Choji receive the mission of escorting some merchants, but when they are attacked by powerful ninjas, they realize that the one they are really escorting is the Princess Haruna of the Vegetable Country herselef. And if all this was not enough, while Naruto and his companions desperately search for the plans that contain the secrets of the Hidden Village of the Leaf, they discover an even more devastating secret: Someone has placed bombs all over the Village with the intention of destroying it. completely! Box 8 of Naruto contains the episodes 176 to 200 of the anime in 5 DVDs.

General characteristics:

Format: Series

System: DVD

Original version: Japanese

Original title: NARUTO

Director: Hayato Date

Author: Masashi Kishimoto

Country of production: Japan


Audio (language): Japanese, Spanish

Subtitles: Spanish

Audio: Spanish Audio 2.0 DD Japanese Audio 2.0 DD

Gender: Action

Type of product: Japanese animation

Qualification: Over 12 years

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