Broly Poster Dragon Ball Super 52x38cm

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Broly Poster Dragon Ball Super 52x38cm

The most fearsome Saiyan of all returns! To celebrate the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, ABYstyle offers us its new posters! This new film will face Goku and his friends against Broly, a purebred Saiyan from Planet Vegeta whose strength surpasses everything they have seen so far. In fact, when he was a newborn baby, his strength already reached 10,000 units. Envious of his power, the king of the Saiyans exiled Broly and his father, Paragus, to the ends of the universe. After a long time, Broly has returned and his power is now greater than ever. He's the greatest enemy Goku has had throughout along his many years of history!

This fantastic poster of the new movie set in the Dragon Ball universe has been made of high quality laminated paper (170 g/m²) and measures 52 centimeters high by 38 centimeters long. The poster shows a central image of Broly, which appears with the new design that has been granted to him in Dragon Ball Super. The character is wearing a modified version of the classic Saiyan combat armor and a piece of leather tied at the waist. In his neck we can see a device similar to a collar that serves to control his enormous strength. Broly appears in his normal state, with black hair. Behind him we can see another image in which he appears transformed into Super Saiyan with yellow hair, bare chest and the aura of energy surrounding him. In the lower part we find the official logo of the film. It's an official product of Dragon Ball Super and has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

Get ready for the premiere of Broly's new movie! Get now the Broly Poster Dragon Ball Super that ABYStyle offers us!

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