Broly VS Goku & Vegeta Mousepad Dragon Ball

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Broly VS Goku & Vegeta Mousepad Dragon Ball

Have you already enjoyed Dragon Ball Super: Broly? The new film set in the universe of Goku and his friends is a worldwide success and has returned the passion for Dragon Ball even to fans who weren't especially excited about the Dragon Ball Super series. In this new film supervised by Akira Toriyama, the classic enemy of some of the old films of Dragon Ball Z returns from oblivion to provoke the most impressive combat that has been seen until now in the franchise. This event is what has led our ABYstyle friends to offer us this great complement to customize our computer with our favorite characters from the movie. This Dragon Ball Super: Broly mouse pad is the gift that every fan of Goku's adventures needs to have on his desk!

This fantastic mouse pad is made with a layer of foam 3 millimeters thick and it's 19 centimeters high by 23 centimeters long, approximately. The combination between the high consistency of the material and the high-quality printing process results in a resistant to deterioration product. The illustration we find on the mouse pad presents us the most important Saiyans of the film. Broly, the great villain of the story, appears in the background. The character is transformed into Super Saiyan and an aura of energy surrounds his body. In the foreground we find our heroes, Goku and Vegeta, who appear transformed into Super Saiyan God. This product is an official license of Dragon Ball Super and it has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

The final Dragon Ball Super battle has arrived! Don't miss the opportunity to get this great Broly VS Goku & Vegeta Mousepad Dragon Ball that ABYstyle offers us!

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