Cheshire Cat Plush Alice in Wonderland Disney

  • License: Disney
  • Made by: Sega
  • Approximate size: 50 cms
  • SKU: PEL00732
25,90 €
Cheshire Cat Plush Alice in Wonderland Disney

Sega offers us a beautiful stuffed animal from one of the most memorable characters in Disney's animated classic Alice in Wonderland! It's the enigmatic Cheshire Cat, with his permanent smile! This peculiar cat is the guide of Alice when she arrives in Wonderland, although his indications are always strange and mysterious. The Cheshire Cat is intelligent and witty, but also elusive. As soon as you look away from him for a few seconds... he vanishes as if he had never been there! Sometimes his smile remains floating in the air for a few seconds and then disappear as the rest of his body. What secrets does that smile hide? Is this cat as crazy as the rest of the inhabitants of Wonderland? Or is he the only sane character in this story? It's true that, in spite of his naughty character, he ends up telling Alice how to return home... even after many detours that lead her to discover the strangest corners of Wonderland!

This fantastic plush measures 50 centimeters long. It represents the Cheshire Cat with its characteristic pink fur and striped body. He has big yellow eyes and a big smile, just like the character in the movie. The stuffed animal has a soft fur of a more intense pink color around the ears and on both sides of the face. Don't you find it adorable? This product is an official Disney license manufactured by Sega.

This plush will be a great addition to your collection of Disney stuffed animals! We can promise you that it won't vanish in the air like the character on which it's based! What are you waiting for to take the Cheshire Cat Plush Alice in Wonderland Disney manufactured by Sega to your home?

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