Chocolate Frog Anti-stress Replica Harry Potter

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Chocolate Frog Anti-stress Replica Harry Potter

This replica of the famous Harry Potter chocolate frogs that Noble Collection offers us is so perfect that it makes you want to give it a bite! Chocolate frogs are never missing in the candy cart of the Hogwarts Express. Not only are the most popular sweets in the magical world, but they are also the favorites of our main characters. This great replica of the chocolate frogs is not edible, but is made with elastic rubber that recovers its shape after tightening it. It's an anti-stress chocolate frog!


The rubber replica is collected inside a pentagonal box that reproduces the shape of the box of chocolate frogs that appear in the Harry Potter films. It's a box of blue and gold colors inside which we find a chrome from the collection of famous wizards and witches. It's Albus Dumbledore's chrome! On the front of the chrome appears a three-dimensional image of Dumbledore. Turn the chrome to appreciate the incredible effect! On the back is a brief summary of the most important exploits of the director of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which includes defeating the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, discovering the twelve uses of dragon blood and his alchemical research with Nicolas Flamel, that ended up giving rise to the Philosopher's Stone. On the chrome we find the rubber replica of the chocolate frog, with a color identical to that of real chocolate frogs and made with a very resistant elastic material. The whole set is collected inside a box with a window with the logo of Harry Potter. It's an official Harry Potter license and has been manufactured by Noble Collection.

What are you waiting for to add this great Chocolate Frog Anti-stress Replica Harry Potter to your collection?

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