Cthulhu Decorative Mirror

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Cthulhu Decorative Mirror

"I would not be betraying the spirit of that thing if I say that my imagination, something feverish in itself, believed to perceive in it, simultaneously, the figures of an octopus, a dragon, and a caricature of a being human. A slimy, tentacle-covered head stood out above a grotesque, scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general profile of all of it that was most frightening."

SD Toys offers us the possibility to get into the famous myths of Cthulhu from the writer H. P. Lovecraft thanks to this incredible mirror! The Lovecraft bibliography is one of the great references of the horror genre and is full of nameless deities whose mere vision was enough to drive any human crazy. Among them the best known has always been Cthulhu, a primal god of the depths characterized by its tentacular aspect. Lovecraft's books, which gave rise to the genre we now know as "cosmic horror" created a complex mythology replete with dark gods and entities beyond comprehension. If you are brave enough maybe you can peek at one of these beings when you look in this mirror!

This original mirror has been manufactured in high quality wood. It measures 80 centimeters high by 50 centimeters long, approximately. Both the upper part and the lower part of the frame are decorated in great detail. Particularly noteworthy is the figure of the primal deity Cthulhu, whose head full of tentacles appears on the mirror. Its two coriaceous wings, similar to those of a dragon, rise to the sides of the upper frame of the mirror. The finishing of the wood makes this object an extraordinary decorative piece. It's an official license and has been manufactured by SD Toys.

Will you dare to look in the depths of this mirror? The Kurogami team is not responsible for the unspeakable horrors that you can see reflected in it! Get yourself with the impressive Cthulhu Decorative Mirror that SD Toys offers us!

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