Death Eater Keychain Harry Potter

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Death Eater Keychain Harry Potter

Our friends from ABYstyle offer us a new product inspired by the symbol most feared by magicians and witches of the magical world! This keychain has the shape of the Dark Mark of the Death Eaters! The Dark Mark identifies the servants of the One Who Should Not Be Named. Its shape is that of a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth. Perhaps the inspiration for this symbol is the Chamber of Secrets hidden in the depths of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the Basilisk lives. When it is called, the Basilisk emerges from the mouth of a statue of Salazar Slytherin, founder of the Slytherin house. The serpent is also the symbol of the Slytherin house, and therefore is suitable for use by the Slytherin heir. Remember that Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord, speaks the Parsel language of snakes.

This keychain is made of high quality metal. It measures 7 centimeters high by 2 centimeters long, approximately. The keycahin offers a reproduction of the Dark Mark in three dimensions. In its upper part we find a skull whose mouth emerges a large serpent that curls on itself. The head of the snake is on the bottom of the keychain and shows its open jaws, so that its fangs can be seen. Special attention has been paid to the detail of the scales that run through his body. It's an awesome version of the Dark Mark! This product is an official Harry Potter license and has been manufactured by ABYStyle.

Do you think you're ready to embrace the Dark Arts and carry the Dark Mark with you? Only the most faithful servants of Lord Voldemort can carry it! Get now the great Death Eater Keychain Harry Potter that ABYstyle offers us!

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