Dobby Harry Potter Figure 5 Star

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Dobby Harry Potter Figure 5 Star

Our friends from Funko haven't forgotten our favorite house elf! Here we have the 5 Star figure of Dobby! This small being with a bald head and pointy ears is one of the most beloved characters of all those created by J. K. Rowling in her magical saga. Dobby, the house elf, served the evil Lucius Malfoy until he gained his freedom thanks to Harry Potter. From then on he set out to lead a revolutionary lifestyle for a creature of his kind: Dobby wanted to charge in exchange for his work, which no domestic elf had done before. Despite his strange ideas, Dobby always tried to help Harry, even when he was under Malfoy's service. In addition to making fans of the franchise laugh, this little hero has also come to thrill us.

This adorable figure is made of vinyl and measures 8 centimeters high, approximately. Dobby appears dressed in a ragged pillowcase. They emphasize their big green eyes and their pointed ears. In the box you will find several accessories to complement the figure: a replica of Tom Riddle's diary, inside which are hidden the perverse memories of the most important villain of the saga, and the sock that Lucius Malfoy gives Dobby inadvertently, making that the little domestic elf would gain his freedom. The 5 Star line of Funko takes special care of the expression of the face of its figures, so that they are attractive both for children and adults. No matter how old you are, you will love this version of Dobby. This figure is an official and licensed Harry Potter product and it has been manufactured by Funko within its 5 Star line.

Relive the revolution of the house elves thanks to this great figure of Dobby! What are you waiting for to get the Dobby Harry Potter Figure 5 Star manufactured by Funko?

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