Goku Kid Figure Dragon Ball Super Goku Fes Vol 9

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Goku Kid Figure Dragon Ball Super Goku Fes Vol 9

The new figure of the Goku Fes. Vol. 9 collection is full of nostalgia! In fact, thanks to it, our friends from Banpresto propose us a small trip back in time. Long before Goku Black, Future Trunks or Bills... even  before of Boo, Cell and Frieza... before all that, at the very beginning, at the beginning of everything... our hero Son Goku was no more than a rather simpleton child who didn't know about the saiyans and who barely knew how the world worked around him. He hadn't even seen a girl until she met Bulma! Now this Dragon Ball Super figure takes us back to the origins of the series. Inspired directly by one of Akira Toriyama's illustrations that was already used as a reference for the original series, this figure that Banpresto offers us will delight the most nostalgic fans of Dragon Ball. It's a tribute to the birth of the myth!

This figure is made of PVC and measures 20 centimeters high, approximately. Goku is wearing the bluish martial arts suit he wore in the first stage of Dragon Ball. We can even see his tail at his back, since at that moment in the series hadn't been cut yet to avoid his uncontrollable transformations with the arrival of the full moon. In addition, our little hero holds his magic cane with both hands. No doubt those were other times. The expression on his face is pure Akira Toriyama! The figure includes a circular black base for easy display. It's an official license of Dragon Ball Super and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Relive the origins of the legend with this fantastic Goku Kid Figure Dragon Ball Super Goku Fes. Vol. 9 that Banpresto offers us!

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