Goku SSGSS Big Size Dragon Ball Super Figure

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Goku SSGSS Big Size Dragon Ball Super Figure

While we wait for the continuation of Dragon Ball Super, Banpresto offers us this new figure of Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue! Dragon Ball Super has been many new developments for our hero, including new transformations of amazing power. This level is what is achieved when Goku combines the transformation into Super Saiyan of first level with the transformation into Super Saiyan God! Although in principle this transformation is very similar to the usual transformation in Super Saiyan, the differences go far beyond the color of the hair and the eyes of our hero. When the scarlet ki of the Super Saiyan God's aura is combined with the yellow ki of the aura of the first level Super Saiyan, the result is an aura of intense electric blue color in which lightning vibrates with energy. The calm mind of the Super Saiyan God level allows to use the Super Saiyan's ki much more efficiently, so the energy consumption is lower and Goku can maintain this form for longer periods of time. He can even combine it with the Kaio-ken! This new figure shows the cold determination of the Super Saiyan Blue. Don't you think it's impressive?

This figure measures approximately 24 centimeters and is made of high quality PVC. Goku appears transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. He's on guard, ready for imminent combat. His hair is of an intense blue sky color, just like his irises. His martial arts suit is still intact, but as our hero unleashes the enormous energies of his interior it's sure to suffer damage. You could see the determined and serene expression of Goku's face. He has already analyzed his rival and is ready to return his attacks. Let the fight begin! This figure is an official license of Dragon Ball Super manufactured by Banpresto.

It's time to admire the unleashed power of Super Saiyan Blue! Get now this Goku SSGSS Big Size Dragon Ball Super Figure manufactured by Banpresto!

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