Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z

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Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z
Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z
Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z
Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z
Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z

ABYstyle brings us a new and spectacular Dragon Ball Z mug model! It's inspired by the first great confrontation between Goku and Vegeta! Although today we are used to seeing Vegeta fighting alongside Goku, there was a time when they were irreconcilable enemies. When Vegeta came to Earth for the first time accompanied by his subordinate Nappa he did so with the intention of conquering the planet. He trusted that there would be no one able to face him on that distant and insignificant planet... until he discovered that the Earth had a Saiyan who had decided to become his protector! Goku was not willing to let his Saiyans brothers destroy their world! This exciting time of the series was a small preview of what was yet to come: tyrants of space, battles in alien worlds, some new dragon balls... and much more!

This fantastic mug is made of ceramic and measures 10 centimeters high by 12 wide, approximately. Its capacity is 320 milliliters. The inner face is black, while the outside shows a spectacular image of the first confrontation between our two favorite Dragon Ball Z characters: Goku and Vegeta. Our hero appears surrounded by the red aura of his Kaioken technique while dodging an attack of his enemy at the last moment. Vegeta appears wearing the first model of his Saiyan armor. Thanks to its high quality printing process, this product can be used in the dishwasher and in the microwave without deterioration. This mug is an official license of Dragon Ball Z and has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

Recall an epic battle that made history! What are you waiting for to get Goku VS Vegeta Mug Dragon Ball Z made by ABYstyle?

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