Golden Snitch Figure Harry Potter

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Golden Snitch Figure Harry Potter

Directly from Japan we get this fantastic figure from Furyu that reproduces the famous Golden Snitch of the magical world of Harry Potter! It's the fastest ball in the Quidditch game, the exciting sport that wizards and witches enjoy so much! This peculiar ball has two long silver wings that move at an amazing speed, as if it were the wings of a hummingbird. Thanks to them, the Golden Snitch can fly at high speed and rotate in the air without having to slow down. While the other players focus on the other balls, the seeker of each team has to try to find and grab the Golden Snitch. Whoever catches it will get 150 points for his team and will end the match! However, the great speed of the Golden Snitch makes it a very difficult object to catch. In addition, it moves erratically and randomly, so there is no way to predict its trajectory. To be a seeker you need to have such incredible reflections as those of Harry Potter, the Gryffindor seeker!


This figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 22 centimeters in length. The Golden Snitch has been reproduced in great detail. In addition to the sphere with its characteristic shape the two wings have been reproduced, which appear extended on both sides. Both the body of the ball and its wings show an impressive golden color finish. The figure has an original support base that facilitates the placement of the Golden Snitch for its exhibition. It's a 100% official and licensed figure of Harry Potter and has been manufactured by Furyu.

Get the Golden Snitch before it goes flying! What are you waiting for to add the Golden Snitch Figure Harry Potterr that Furyu offers to your collection?

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