Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney

  • License: Disney
  • Made by: ABYstyle
  • Approximate size: 4 x 3 cms
  • SKU: MERCH05320
6,90 €
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney
Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho... It's home from work we go... Surely you remember the famous song of the seven dwarfs of the Snow White film, the first great animated classic of the Disney factory and the beginning of a long history of films that marked entire generations. Released in 1937, this film was the first produced by Walt Disney and today is considered a masterpiece both for the quality of its animation and for its charismatic characters: Snow White herself, the evil queen, the prince and, of course, the seven dwarfs. Each of them had its own personality, with a central feature that gave it its name. Along with Dopey, Grumpy is one of the most popular dwarves in the movie. This cantankerous dwarf is always complaining about everything and often fights with his fellow Doc. However, we all know that his attitude is no more than a simple façade. In the background Grumpy has a big heart. If you are a fan of this character you will love this original keychain that ABYstyle has prepared within its wide collection of Disney keychains.

This keychain is made of metal and measures 4 centimeters high by 3 centimeters long, approximately. It represents the grumpy dwarf in full color. The character appears with his hat and long beard. His angry gesture perfectly captures the personality of this beloved Disney character. On the back of the keychain we can find the official logo of the Snow White film. This product is an official Disney license and has been manufactured by ABYstyle, so it has the high quality level of all ABYstyle products.

Don't let his grumpy look fool you! What are you waiting for to get the Grumpy Keychain Snow White Disney that ABYstyle offers us?

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