Gunnm Last Order Battle Angel Alita #05 Manga Oficial Ivrea (spanish)

  • License: A-G
  • Made by: IVREA
  • Approximate size: 11.5x17 cm
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 Gunnm Last Order Battle Angel Alita #05 Manga Oficial Ivrea (spanish)

Editorial Ivrea publishes the sequel to Gunnm Battle Angel Alita, Gunnm Last Order Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro.

Gally reopens her eyes thanks to the nanotechnology developed by Desty Nova, the same that put a death trap a year ago. The Salem scientist is responsible for rebuilding his brain, which causes more memories of his past to come to light, in addition to giving him a new body with the ability to exploit his skills to the fullest. She is now in Salem and is faced with a devastated city: a civil war was unleashed when the Otan city was discovered. But the news that her friend Lou Collins is missing in space causes him to go on his search, although this task will not be easy. Gally will meet old friends and will build new alliances on his way and will even be involved in an interplanetary war between different forces of the solar system.

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