GYM Bag Captain America Shield Marvel Comics

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GYM Bag Captain America Shield Marvel Comics

Product Name: GYM Captain America Shield Marvel Comics Bag

Product Type: GYM Backpack

Reason: Captain America Shield

License: Marvel Comics

Manufacturer: Bioworld

Specifications: Polyester GYM backpack.

Measurements (approx.): 45 x 33 cm

A supersoldier needs a weapon to match him! Captain America's shield is one of the most important items in the Marvel Universe! Obtained thanks to a peculiar metallurgical accident that resulted in a miraculous alloy, Captain America's shield is a unique and unrepeatable object. The exact alloy that makes it up has never been replicated. In fact, the exact materials remain a true mystery. Is it vibranium? Adamantium? Maybe a combination of both metals? Whatever it is, the case is that the shield is as indestructible as the will of its wearer. That shield in the colors of the American flag has become a symbol of bravery and heroism. Gathered together with the mighty Avengers, Captain America has saved the world more times than we can count. Today, thanks to the success of Marvel Studios film productions, Captain America is more popular than ever. Played on the big screen by Chris Evans, he has won the hearts of fans. This model of gym bag that Bioworld presents now is designed precisely for the biggest fans of Capi.

This great gym bag is made of polyester and is approximately 45 centimeters high by 33 centimeters wide. The upper edge is closed with the same cords that serve as side handles. It is a wide backpack, comfortable to carry and appropriate for any circumstance. It is also very colorful, as it displays the three fundamental colors of Captain America's shield: red, white, and blue. At the top, near the closure, the official Marvel logo appears in red. This product is an official Marvel Comics license manufactured by Bioworld and features the quality of all Bioworld products.

Show off the colors of freedom with pride! This great GYM Captain America Shield Marvel Comics bag made by Bioworld is waiting for you!

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