GYM Bag Darth Vader Suit Star Wars

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GYM Bag Darth Vader Suit Star Wars

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic villains in the history of cinema and this great gym backpack is designed with his many fans in mind! A spaceship is chased by a much larger one as it flies over a desert planet. The largest ship, which is an imperial destroyer, picks up the small one with a tractor beam and draws it towards itself. In the corridors inside the attacked ship, the soldiers wait nervously to be approached by their enemies. Then the doors open with an explosion and the imperial soldiers appear with their white armor. Behind them comes a terrible figure dressed entirely in black. He wears a helmet that covers his face and a cloak. The sound of his mechanical breathing resonates inside the ship. Surely you recognize that scene! It's Darth Vader's first appearance in the movie that started the Star Wars saga! This character has fascinated children and adults for decades, so our friends at Bioworld are always attentive to bring us new products that remind us of the most charismatic villain of the Galactic Empire. On this occasion they present us this original gym bag that mimics the suit of Darth Vader.

This gym bag is made of polyester and measures approximately 45 centimeters high by 33 centimeters wide. The upper edge is closed with string. It's a large backpack, comfortable to wear that will delight not only Star Wars fans. The image we can see along its surface represents the well-known suit of Darth Vader, including the device that carries this character on his chest and his belt. The colors fully respect the colors of the original costume of the charater. This product is an official Star Wars license manufactured by Bioworld and counts on the quality of all Bioworld products.

This wonderful GYM Bag Darth Vader Suit Star Wars made by Bioworld will accompany you to a galaxy far, far away!

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