Harry Potter Pen Lootcrate Exclusive

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Harry Potter Pen Lootcrate Exclusive

Ollivanders Wand Store in Diagon Alley offers us this beautiful magic wand made of holly wood and phoenix feather. It's the Harry Potter wand! The phoenix that gave up its feather to create this object only gave a single more feather, which was used to create the "twin wand" of this magic wand. Do you guess who is its owner? It's the wand of "he who should not be named"! This replica of Harry's wand is actually an exclusive Lootcrate pen made by Noble Collection to imitate the shape of the famous object in the Harry Potter book and movie saga.

The handle of the wand is the hood of the pen and can be removed to write with it. The pen comes in a box with the logo of Ollivanders Wand Store. It's an official Harry Potter license manufactured by Noble Collection.

Make everything you write magical with this original Harry Potter Pen Lootcrate Exclusive made by Noble Collection! The ballpoint pen with the shape of the Severus Snape wand is also available.

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