Hatsune Miku Girl In The Deep Sea Plush Vocaloid

  • License: Vocaloid
  • Made by: Sega
  • Approximate size: 27 cms
  • SKU: PEL00729
32,90 €
Hatsune Miku Girl In The Deep Sea Plush Vocaloid

Sega invites us to travel to the depths of the sea next to our beloved Hatsune Miku! Here we have the beautiful Hatsune Miku Girl In The Deep Sea plush! It's based on one of the greatest hits of Miku's repertoire of songs! "Shinkai Shoujo" ("Deep Sea Girl") is a musical theme that tells the story of a shy and troubled girl who coldly treats everyone until one day she falls in love with a boy, but she can't express her feelings to him. When the boy comes up to her and asks her if she's okay, she just screams at him and asks him to leave her alone. Then, after time, the girl realizes that the boy is also alone just as she is. Finally, she approaches the boy and tells him that he has also been hiding his true self. As if he had been hiding in the depths of the sea. From that moment the girl becomes more sociable and wants to know more about the boy. At the end of the song it's implied that both are now a couple. It's a very exciting story!

This beautiful plush is 27 centimeters long, approximately. It represents Hatsune Miku with the black suit and black tie that she has on the video of her hit song Deep Sea Girl. It's an asymmetric dress, longer on the right side than on the left side. Miku appears barefoot in that video and that detail has also been transferred to the plush. It's a totally kawaii version of our favorite virtual idol. Don't you think it's great? This product is an official Vocaloid license manufactured by Sega.

You need this Miku plush in your room! Get now the Hatsune Miku Girl In The Deep Sea Plush Vocaloid that Sega offers us!

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