Headset holder keychain Beatrice Re:Zero

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Headset holder keychain Beatrice Re:Zero

Beatrice is not what she seems: at first glance we could say that she's a normal girl, but in reality she's a powerful spirit created by Echidna, the Witch of Avarice, to guard the valuable knowledge of her library of Roswaal Mansion. After many years locked in the library without having contact with people, Beatrice became somewhat antisocial. Among all the girls of Re:Zero, Beatrice is the one who most openly despises the protagonist, Subaru Natsuki... at least at the beginning, since eventually she will even sign a spiritual contract with him. Beatrice has some curious powers, such as the ability to connect the door of her library with any other door in the world to travel instantly. In addition, she's an expert in Yin Magic. This curious character is also included in the new collection of headser holder keychainss that Banpresto now presents us.

This Beatrice headset holder keychain is made of rubber and measures about 8.5 centimeters long. It includes a chain with which to carry it hanging and is designed to comfortably gather the cable of the headphones. The shape of the keychain is designed to be surrounded with the headphone cable, so that the character that represents, in this case Beatrice, is wrapped by him. Two clamping spaces secure the cable so that it does not release. Beatrice appears with her beautiful and ornate dress of red, white and pink colors. She wears her long blond hair in two pigtails adorned with two big bows. They could not miss their big blue eyes with the pupil in the shape of a pink butterfly.

This product is an official license of Re:Zero manufactured by Banpresto within its Ichiban Kuji collection. We have another five different models of headset holder with the rest of the characters in the series: Petelgeuse, Emilia, Ram, Rem and Rem with open arms. Collect them all and complete the collection!

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