Hedwig Head Purse Harry Potter

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Hedwig Head Purse Harry Potter

When we think of Harry Potter's best friends, the first ones we always remember are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. However, we cann't forget one of Harry's most loyal companions: his  owl Hedwig! To remind this adorable bird, Bioworld offers us this beautiful and original purse in which it appears holding the letter of admission to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the peak. Don't you think it's fantastic? Hedwig was a gift from Rubeus Hagrid for Harry's eleventh birthday. That was the gift he received during his first year as a Hogwarts student. Since then Hedwig remained at his side, transporting the letters and messages that Harry indicated even if they didn't include any addresses. Hedwig was a proud owl, but also very affectionate. It always showed his affection to Harry by pecking at his ears. Being a snow owl, its elegant white plumage always made it stand out from the other owls of its classmates. It was a unique animal!

This great purse measures 11 centimeters high by 9 centimeters long, approximately. It's made with synthetic materials and is white, like Hedwig. Its metallic closure, located in the upper part, allows to keep its contents very secure. Both eyes and Hedwig's beak are black. In the peak he holds a cream-colored letter with the red seal of Hogwarts. This is the letter of admission to the famous school of magic. This product is an official Harry Potter license and is manufactured by Bioworld. It will be an excellent and very practical gift for any Harry Potter fan!

Don't miss out on your memory of Harry's beautiful owl! Get this great Hedwig Head Purse Harry Potter made by Bioworld!

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