Hermione Granger II Normal Color Figure Harry Potter Q Posket

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Hermione Granger II Normal Color Figure Harry Potter Q Posket

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Hermione, Ron, Harry and the other characters from the Harry Potter book and movie saga have returned to the Q Posket collection of Banpresto! Here we have the new figure of Hermione Granger, the most capable student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! In her first year at the famous school of magic, the Sorting Hat was about to send Hermione to the Ravenclaw house for her unrivaled intelligence. However, it decided that she fit much better in Gryffindor for her bravery and her loyalty to her friends. Although Hermione is the daughter of Muggles (a "dirty blood," as the devious Draco Malfoy would say), she's one of the most gifted witches in the school. She's always among the best students in the class in all the subjects in which she enrolls... except in Divination, which is the only one she doesn't support.

This figure is made of high quality PVC and has an approximate height of 14 centimeters. This is the Normal Color version of this Hermione figure for which Banpresto has based on the appearance of this beloved character in the movie saga. Hermione appears with her long loose brown hair, her uniform from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and her tie with the colors of the Gryffindor house. She has her arms crossed and she holds her magic wand in one hand. The expression on her face conveys confidence. Hermione is always ready for any circumstance! The figure includes a black support base. It's an official Harry Potter license and it has been manufactured by Banpresto.

The best Hogwarts student deserves a place of honor in your collection! Don't miss out the Hermione Granger II Normal Color Figure Harry Potter Q Posket manufactured by Banpresto!

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