Hunter Plush Doll Bloodborne Stubbins 20 cms

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Hunter Plush Doll Bloodborne Stubbins 20 cms

Gaya Entertainment's Stubbins plush toy collection represents your favorite video game characters in the most adorable way. Now it's the turn of the hunter, the mysterious protagonist of Bloodborne. This exclusive title of PS4 was developed by From Software, creators of the prestigious Dark Souls series, and put us in the shoes of the hunter upon his arrival in the dark city of Yharnam. A supernatural plague that is transmitted by blood is infecting the inhabitants of the city and turning them into wild beasts. Equipped with its huge blade, the hunter has come to kill them while trying to discover the origin of the curse. It's hard to believe that such a dark and violent game has inspired a stuffed plush doll as beautiful as this! We had never seen such a hunky hunter!

This soft plush doll is about 20 centimeters. It represents the hunter in his best known attire, including his peculiar two-cornered hat. The hunter covers his face, leaving only his eyes uncovered. In his right hand he carries his weapon, a miniature version of the blade that appears in the game. This stuffed version of the terrible hunter would not hurt a fly! We love it! In addition, it's an official license of Bloodborne manufactured by Gaya Entertainment.

This stuffed toy is the perfect gift for any video game fan, but especially for those who love Bloodborne. This Hunter Plush Doll Bloodborne Stubbins is asking for a hug! You will not want to have anyone else by your side as you enter the darkness of Yharnam!

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