Infinite Power Whitin Doormat Avengers Infinity War

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Infinite Power Whitin Doormat Avengers Infinity War

The finale of Avengers: Infinity War left us all with our mouths open. After spending many years being the villain in the shade in the Marvel Studios movies, Thanos finally launched his attack on our heroes to seize the six Infinity Gems. One by one, all the gems ended up in the Infinity Gauntlet. This object gave Thanos the power over every aspect of the universe: time, space, reality, mind, soul and power. Thanos was able to summon the final power with a single snap of his fingers. Remembering the infinite power of the villain of this successful film, Pyramid International presents us with this doormat that will look great on your doorstep. Maybe even scare the guests!

This mat is made with synthetic fibers and measures 40 centimeters high by 60 centimeters long. On its black background appears the golden silhouette of the Infinity Gauntlet with the six embedded Infinity Gems. Around it appear the colors of each of the gems, in addition to the phrase "Infinite Power Within". It's an official Marvel license manufactured by Pyramid International.

Show everyone that you are a true Marvel fan by putting this great Infinite Power Whitin Doormat Avengers Infinity War made by Pyramid International on your doorstep!

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