Jiren Plush Dragon Ball Super

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Jiren Plush Dragon Ball Super
Jiren Plush Dragon Ball Super
Jiren Plush Dragon Ball Super

The new Dragon Ball Super plush toys collection of ABYstyle takes us to the Universe Survival Saga to introduce us to its main antagonist! It's a Jiren plush! This fundamental character comes from Universe 11 and is part of the Pride Troops, an army of fighters led by Toppo that aims to ensure the survival of their universe in the great tournament organized by the King of All. The losing universes will be erased from existence! Known as Jiren the Gray, he's one of the most fearsome warriors in his universe and from the beginning it seems inevitable that he will end up facing Goku in the Force Tournament. Throughout this tournament, Jiren fights against characters such as Hit, Golden Freezer, Vegeta or Android Number 17, demonstrating his clear superiority. Later, during his final fight against Goku, Jiren shows that besides being a very powerful fighter he's also honorable. If you like this character now you can get this great plush! Complete the Dragon Ball Super plush collection!

This funny Jiren plush is made of synthetic materials (mainly polyester) and measures approximately 15 centimeters high. It's an adorable version of Jiren in miniature. The character appears with the same appearance as shown in Dragon Ball Super. It has gray skin and large rounded and dark eyes. He's dressed in his black and red uniform of the Pride Troops, the elite soldiers of Universe 11. This plush is an official and licensed product of Dragon Ball Super and it has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

You've never seen such a soft and adorable version of this fierce Dragon Ball Super fighter! Get now the great Jiren Plush Dragon Ball Super that ABYstyle offers us!

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