Kaworu Nagisa & Shinji Ikari Figure Evangelion

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Kaworu Nagisa & Shinji Ikari Figure Evangelion

If you are as much a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion as we are, this new product will enchant you! Vertex offers us this wonderful figure that reflects like none other the complex emotions that connect two of the most important characters of Evangelion: Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari. Once again, the relationship between both has been one of the basic pillars of the latest version of the famous Evangelion story that the films of Rebuild of Evangelion have tell us. We are looking forward to know how they continue!

This incredible figure is made of PVC and measure approximately 30 centimeters in height (taking into account that the characters are suspended over the base by two supports). The figure is directly inspired by the events of the third installment of Rebuild of Evangelion, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo (better known in Japan as Evangelion Q). Both Kaworu and Shinji wear the Plug Suit of the EVA-13, the impressive four-armed mech that both ride together during the climax of the film. This Plug Suit is dark blue with red details on the neck, chest and wrists.The figure shows Shinji and Kaworu floating in the air. Kaworu surrounds Shinji warmly while our young protagonist gives him an emotional look. It's a scene of great emotion, because the emotions between both characters are on the surface when the devastating conclusion of the film comes in. Both figures are suspended on two supports joint to a base in which the official logo of Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo appears. This product is an official license of Evangelion and has been manufactured by Vertex.

Few figures manage to capture the emotions that Evangelion awakens so well! This brilliant figure is a true jewel that shouldn't be missing from the shelfs of the fans of the legendary Gainax series! What are you waiting for to get the Kaworu Nagisa & Shinji Ikari Figure Evangelion that Vertex offers us?

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