Lord Voldemort Magic Wand and 3D Bookmark Harry Potter

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Lord Voldemort Magic Wand and 3D Bookmark Harry Potter

Here we have the new magic wand of the evil Lord Voldemort that Noble Collection offers us within his collection of Harry Potter wands! No wand of the magical world was ever used to carry out so many evil things as Lord Voldemort's wand! Interestingly, this villain's wand contained a core of a phoenix feather, as did Harry's wand. They were twin wands.

This fantastic replica of Lord Voldemort's wand is made of PVC and measures 30 centimeters. The handle of the wand simulates the look and texture of the wand that we saw in the movies, which looks like a twisted bone. It includes a bookmark with a Voldemort image with 3D effect. Looking at it from different sides or moving the bookmark gives the impression that it's a three-dimensional image of the terrible dark magician. It's an official and licensed product from Harry Potter and it has been manufactured by Noble Collection.

Fear the power of darkness! Get now the Lord Voldemort Magic Wand and 3D Bookmark Harry Potter that Noble Collection brings us!

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