Love Hina Edición Deluxe #03 (spanish) Manga Oficial Ivrea

  • License: H-L
  • Made by: IVREA
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Love Hina Edición Deluxe #03 (spanish) Manga Oficial Ivrea

c. This great classic returns in a deluxe edition: volumes of 400 pages including color pages unpublished even in Japan.

After constantly suspending the entrance exams to the university, Keitaro Urashima has no choice but to go and live in the hot springs inn that his grandmother runs. However, upon arrival, he discovers that the site has been renovated and is now a female dormitory known as Apartamentos Hinata. Men are forbidden and he can only live there if he stays to work to replace his grandmother. This is how Keitaro ends up sharing his days with a group of girls who live there, with the most varied range of extreme personalities. Forming a study team with the easily irritable Naru Narusegawa, Keitaro seeks to fulfill his goal of entering university by the promise he made to a girl in his childhood: We will go together to the University of Tokyo. Who will that girl be? Will Naru stop giving him the octopus every time he gets into trouble?

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