Luffy The Snakeman Figure One Piece King of Artist

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Luffy The Snakeman Figure One Piece King of Artist

Banpresto brings us the figure that all One Piece fans were waiting for! At last we have Luffy in the latest and novel form of his Gear Fourth: The Snakeman! Shown during his confrontation against the fearsome Charlotte Katakuri, one of the main enemies during the Whole Cake Island arc, this new transformation was a desperate attempt on the part of our protagonist to get the victory. The Snakeman is a refinement of the previous form of the Gear Fourth, known as The Bound Man. Although his defensive skills are lower by using a smaller amount of haki in the limbs, The Snakeman is a much faster and allows Luffy to better control their movements. In this way since it's not necessary to continuously bounce, so he can better control his attacks and monitor his position respect to that of his enemy. Maybe this is Luffy's most powerful form so far!


This figure is made of PVC and measures 14 centimeters high, approximately. Luffy appears in his The Snakeman form. This technique increases the volume of his muscles, although not as much as The Bound Man. His arms and legs appear black due to the use of haki and his hair is bristling. You can see the big scar that Luffy has on his chest, as well as the black shadow that appears around his eyes as he adopts this new transformation. A piece of white semitransparent PVC serves to reproduce the effect of the air stirring around our hero and also serves to keep the figure suspended in the air. A support base is included for a correct display. This figure is an official One Piece license and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

It's time to discover the most powerful form of the Gear Fourth! What are you waiting for to add the Luffy The Snakeman Figure One Piece King of Artist from Banpresto to your collection?

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