Monopoly Collector's Edition Game of Thrones * English*

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Monopoly Collector's Edition Game of Thrones * English*

"The powerful have always fed on those who have no power. It's how they became powerful in the first place. " It is not easy to survive in the world of Game of Thrones and to do it is usually essential to kill your enemies in the most atrocious way possible. The web of betrayals, quarrels, conspiracies and revenges is part of the very essence of Game of Thrones and is what has people love both the literary saga and its adaptation to television. However, it is one thing to witness the confrontation between different factions and quite another to have the opportunity to participate. Thanks to this Monopoly Game of Thrones edition you will be able to take power and crush your rivals without mercy ... in the living room of your own home! The famous game of strategy and management moves to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to put you in the shoes of your favorite characters from Game of Thrones! Are you as cunning as Cersei? Do you have Tyrion's intelligence? Do you have the value of Bran? Prove it with a game of Monopoly from Game of Thrones!

This edition of the board game is completely adapted to the mythology of Game of Thrones. It is the edition in English. The six cards appear with motifs of the universe devised by George R. R. Martin: a dragon egg, a White Walker, a three-eyed crow, a direwolf, the Iron Crown and the Iron Throne. In the same way, the names of the board represent locations of Westeros and the money of the game is constituted by golden dragons instead of dollars. Even the cards use motifs like the Iron Throne or Valar Morghulis! Playing this edition of Monopoly is the best way to pass the time while we wait for George R. R. Martin to publish the expected continuation of his books.

Show that you are worthy to sit on the Iron Throne by defeating your friends in the Monopoly Game of Thrones edition!

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