Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet

  • License: Naruto
  • Made by: ABYstyle
  • Approximate size: 10 x 15 cms
  • SKU: MERCH05963
4,90 €
Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet
Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet
Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet
Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet
Naruto Shippuden Tattoo Sheet
Put on your skin the great tattoos and symbols seen in Naruto!
Mashashi Kishimoto's Naruto is one of the best-known shonen manga and anime in history and it couldn't be less. It transports us to a world dominated by the Shinobis and the use of the Jutsus together with a peculiar protagonist, Naruto.
ABYstyle wants you to wear your favorite tattoos and symbols temporarily and launches a collection of tattoos. On this occasion we have a sheet of 10 x 15 cm in which we will find the symbol of the Village of Konoha by brush, the symbol of the Uchiha family, the Kanji of Love that Gaara carries on his forehead, the mark of the curse put by Orochimaru in Sasuke and and Anbu's tattoo that we can see Kakashi.
All tattoos are applied very easily, you just have to place the tattoo you want on the skin, wet the outside area and leave 30 seconds. They are water resistant and easily removed with alcohol.
Become a shinobi with these great Naruto tattoos!

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