One Piece Chopper Plush

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One Piece Chopper Plush

Tony Tony Chopper is one of the most peculiar members of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of the great favorites of the One Piece fans! Look what a great Chopper plush ABYstyle is offering us! It's perfect! Chopper is one of the non-human characters in the series. In fact, he's a blue-nosed reindeer that acquired human intelligence after eating the Hito Hito Fruit of the Island of Drum. The skills that he obtained thanks to this Devil Fruit of Zoan type allows him to modify his form to his whim, although most of the time he's in his small and adorable form of humanoid reindeer. Chopper has seven years of reindeer, which is equivalent to fifteen human years. He's the youngest of Luffy's crew and is the ship's doctor. His knowledge of medicine has even allowed him to invent a drug called Rumble Ball that allows him to temporarily alter the functioning of his powers and access new special transformations. However, he can only consume one Rumble Ball every six hours. Besides a genius he's also a great fighter! Don't you want to give him a hug? You can do it thanks to this plush that ABYstyle brings us!

It's a plush that is 15 centimeters tall. Represents Tony Tony Chopper with his characteristic One Piece outfit. The character is wearing his blue and pink cap with his reindeer horns on the sides, as well as a shirt with white and yellow stripes. His hands and feet end in small hooves. This soft toy is an official One Piece license manufactured by ABYstyle.

This funny plush will look great in your room! What are you waiting for to get your favorite One Piece character? This One Piece Chopper Plush manufactured by ABYstyle is waiting for you!

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