Perona One Piece - Girls Selection Vol. 3 - Styling Figure

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Perona One Piece - Girls Selection Vol. 3 - Styling Figure

The most combative One Piece girls become PVC figures in the great Girls Selection collection of Bandai/Tamashii! Among them we find Perona, the "gothic lolita" of One Piece. This girl was one of the main antagonists of Luffy and his friends during the arc of Thriller Bark. This is the commander of the Surprise Zombies and the Wild Zombies and, like Luffy, she also ate one of the Devil Fruits. After eating the Horo Horo Fruit, a paramecia-like fruit such as the Gomu Gomu Fruit that gave Luffy its elasticity, Perona discovered that she had the power to invoke ghosts. Each time one of his ghosts crosses a person, it drains his willpower and leaves him without energy to continue fighting. The only one that turned out to be invulnerable to this circumstance thanks to his natural negative predisposition was Usopp. The battle between Usopp and Perona was one of the most surprising of the Thriller Bark arc! Later, this girl was forced to reluctantly collaborate with Zoro Roronoa, so maybe she can still redeem herself. Or maybe not? In tribute to this peculiar One Piece character, Bandai/Tamashii presents us this figure from its Girls Selection collection.

The figure of Perona is made of PVC and measures 14 centimeters in height. In it we can see this character with the clothes she wears in the Thriller Bark arc. Perona wears her "gothic lolita" dress, with her black and violet petticoats. She also wears a top hat with a garland of violet flowers on his head and a red umbrella, matching his boots. The figure reproduces the characteristic rounded eyes of Perona, as well as her long pink hair. Don't be fooled by her appearance because she can be a terrible adversary! The Girls Selection collection is an official product of One Piece and we have other figures available, such as Baby 5.

You have a date with the most beautiful zombie commander thanks to this Perona One Piece - Girls Selection Vol. 3 figure manufactured by Bandai/Tamashii!

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