Piranha Plant Keychain Super Mario Bros

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Piranha Plant Keychain Super Mario Bros

Undoubtedly the Mushroom Kingdom is a special place. Nowhere else can you see a species of carnivorous plant emerging from a pipeline as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The piranha plant is one of the oldest enemies of Mario, the mustachioed Nintendo character. They were presented for the first time in the legendary Super Mario Bros. for NES. These peculiar piranha plants have an appearance similar to the venus flytrap, the typical carnivorous plant that we all know. They have sharp teeth and a red head with white spots. Normally they are seen coming out of pipes, although in some games they have also appeared on the mainland. There are many variations of piranha plants, including some that are not fixed to the ground but are able to walk (as is the case for example of Petey Piranha, one of Mario's most popular enemies). However, as we have very classic tastes, we prefer the original piranha plants, which always show their head full of teeth through a pipe. That's just the kind of piranha plant that appears in this great keychain that Bioworld offers us!

This metal keychain measures 6 centimeters and shows one of the most classic images that can be found in the Mushroom Kingdom: a piranha plant emerging from a green pipe with its jaws open. The image is surrounded by a line of purple color that turns this keychain into an attractive and colorful object that captures sight easily. Everyone will be looking at your piranha plant! This product is an official license of Nintendo manufactured by Bioworld and has all the quality of Bioworld products.

Don't be fooled by this innocent pipe! Get now this Piranha Plant Keychain Super Mario Bros. made by Bioworld!

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