Rick y Morty Faces Wallet

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Rick y Morty Faces Wallet

Rick and Morty is a true mass phenomenon! The successful adult animation series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who also lends his voice to the two protagonists in the original version, has provided us with some of the most memorable moments of recent popular culture. From Pickle Rick to Evil Morty, each new occurrence of the series has been increasing the admiration of the fans. Produced by Adult Swim, it has no complexes and dares to parody everything and everyone. However, it would not have reached the position it is today if it were not for the charisma of its two protagonists: the cynical mad scientist and drinker Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, an insecure lad with a tendency to become hysterical and let be carried away by his hormones. The dynamic between them is the pillar that sustains the series and now you can show how much you admire these hilarious characters with this wallet based on their adventures on television.

The Double Wallet Rick and Morty is made by Bioworld with high quality materials and measures 12 centimeters long. On its black background, it shows a pattern that reproduces different expressions of the faces of both characters, each one more funny than the previous one. You can almost hear what Rick and Morty are saying just by looking at their faces! Look at the characteristic slime stain at the corner of Rick's lips and Morty's bulging eyes! The interior of the wallet has the usual compartments to store both money and cards. The Double Wallet Rick and Morty is a great object to show your love for the universe of these characters.

Get ready with the Double Wallet Rick and Morty to keep your favorite TV characters nearby!

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