Saber/Alter Figure Fate/Stay Night

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Saber/Alter Figure Fate/Stay Night

Saber is undoubtedly the most popular character among all the Servants of the Fate saga. Her real name is Altria Pendragon (or Arturia Pendragon) and she's the historical figure that originated the legend of King Arthur. She's the most brilliant heroine of the saga. However, after being consumed and corrupted by the Shadow Holy Grail, she becomes a dark version of herself: Saber Alter! Banpresto offers us this great figure of Saber Alter within its collection dedicated to Fate/stay night! This character appears on the Heaven's Feel route of Fate/stay night, in which Saber is the Servant of Sakura Matou. Once corrupted, Saber's personality changes completely and becomes darker. However, even then she can't be considered a villain. Saber Alter is more like a dark hero, as she remains an idealist who clings to her own values ​​even after being corrupted by the Shadow Holy Grail.

This fantastic figure is made of PVC and measures approximately 16 centimeters high. Saber Alter appears with a dark version of her usual long dress, which is called Alter Gothic Dress. This dark blue dress consists of three pieces: the jacket that covers the arms and shoulders of Saber, the bodice that covers her torso and the wide skirt, which has a bow on the back. Both the sleeves and the ends of the bodice and the lack feature delicate embroidery that has been painted in detail on the surface of the figure. This figure is an official license of Fate/stay night and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Join Saber Alter in her struggle to keep the light inside her! Get now the Saber Alter Figure Fate/stay night that Banpresto offers us!

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