Sasuke Uchiha Grandista Figure Shinobi Relations Naruto

  • License: Naruto
  • Made by: Banpresto
  • Approximate size: 24 cms
  • SKU: FIG10486
44,90 €
Sasuke Uchiha Grandista Figure Shinobi Relations Naruto
Sasuke Uchiha Grandista Figure Shinobi Relations Naruto
Sasuke Uchiha Grandista Figure Shinobi Relations Naruto

At last, the waiting figure of Sasuke Uchiha arrives! This figure from Banpresto's Shinobi Relations line is the missing piece to complete your collection of Naruto figures! In addition, it's a Grandista, so it's within the line of high-end figures of Banpresto. Sasuke is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in the series and much of the events have to do with his presence... or his absence. This young ninja traumatized by the loss of his family swore revenge against the murderer who ended his clan, which was none other than his older brother Itachi. Sasuke was very powerful despite his young age and had the incredible Sharingan, the eye technique of the Uchiha clan. However, he was young and inexperienced and did not know the reasons his brother had to commit that crime. His journey to discover the truth was long and exciting!

This figure of Sasuke is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 24 centimeters in height. Its design shows the character in his youth, with the clothes he wore during the beginning of the series. Sasuke wears a blue T-shirt on the back of which appears the Uchiha clan symbol (a pai pai of white and red colors). The character wears the ninja bandana of the Hidden Villa of the Leaf on his forehead and appears with his hands inside his pockets. His face shows a serious and indifferent expression very typical of Sasuke. He still has a lot of ahead to find his true path of the ninja! This Grandista figure is an official and licensed product of Naruto and it has been manufactured by Banpresto within its Shinobi Relations line.

Get your favorite character from the series thanks to this great Sasuke Uchiha Grandista Figure Shinobi Relations Naruto manufactured by Banpresto!

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