Shallot Figure Dragon Ball Legend Battle Masterlise

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Shallot Figure Dragon Ball Legend Battle Masterlise

The Dragon Ball universe goes far beyond manga and anime! This new Masterlise figure from Banpresto is dedicated to Dragon Ball Legend Battle, the popular fighting game for mobile devices launched around the world during 2018! Here we have the protagonist of the game: the Saiyan of the past Shallot! This character comes from Universe 7, specifically from Planet Sadala. This is the planet in which this race of warriors lived before moving to Planet Vegeta, which would later be annexed to the tyrant of space Frieza's empire. Like many other characters from Universe 7, he's an impatient and aggressive Saiyan. At the beginning of the game, Shallot suffers amnesia, so he doesn't remember his origin or his past. He is awakened by Trunks of the future, who deduces that he's a Saiyan because of his armor and the tail behind him. However, before both can solve the mystery, a mad Broly appears and launches to the attack. Different warriors from all times and places have gathered to celebrate a strange tournament! This is how this exciting videogame begins and this figure is a great tribute to its main character!

This fantastic figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 22 centimeters high. Shallot appears with the typical Saiyan armor of the Planet Sadala, made of a non-metallic blue material. Both his hair and his tail are black. The character appears throwing forward to engage in combat. His pose is worthy of a Saiyan warrior! This figure is an official license of Dragon Ball and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Do you dare to participate in the Time Tournament with Shallot? Get now this fantastic Shallot Figure Dragon Ball Legend Battle Masterlise made by Banpresto!

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