Son Goku SSJ3 Figure Dragon Ball Super BWFC

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Son Goku SSJ3 Figure Dragon Ball Super BWFC
Son Goku SSJ3 Figure Dragon Ball Super BWFC
Son Goku SSJ3 Figure Dragon Ball Super BWFC
Son Goku SSJ3 Figure Dragon Ball Super BWFC
The SCultures Colosseum VI (Banpresto World Figure Colosseum) line from Banpresto brings us a new Goku SSJ3 figure! The protagonist of the veteran Dragon Ball franchise has had very powerful enemies throughout his many adventures, such as Frieza, Cell or Boo. However, Dragon Ball Super, the most recent series starring Goku, has stood out for offering even more powerful enemies. From Beerus, the fearsome god of destruction, to Jiren, one of the most difficult participants during the Force Tournament, Goku's rivals during this recent stage reach unimaginable power. Luckily, our hero has also increased his own power, reaching new and surprising transformations. However, on this occasion, the figure does not show us Goku in one of his new transformations, but in one of his old transformations that we like most: the third level Super Saiyan! The power of this phase is four times greater than that of the second level Super Saiyan, although it falls well below the Super Saiyan God.

This incredible figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 13 centimeters high. Goku appears transformed into third level Super Saiyan, with his long yellow hair at his back. The characters are wearing their characteristic red and blue martial arts uniform. Goku is floating in the air and has his hands placed on one of his sides while preparing his best-known technique: the Kamehameha. The expression on his face is full of confidence in victory. The fight is about to get interesting! This product is an official license of Dragon Ball Super and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Feel the power of Goku's most powerful technique! Get the Son Goku SSJ3 Dragon Ball Super BWFC figure that Banpresto offers us!

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