Sorting Hat Harry Potter Keychain

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Sorting Hat Harry Potter Keychain

"It's been a thousand years since I was cut, hanged and sewed. There were then four magicians of fame of which the memory keeps the names: the courageous Gryffindor came from the wasteland; the beautiful Ravenclaw, from the ravine; from the wide valley came the soft Hufflepuff; and the cunning Slytherin, from the swamps. They shared a desire, a hope, a dream: they devised a daring curriculum in common agreement to educate young sorcerers. That's how Hogwarts was born, this school". Every year, at the beginning of the course, first-year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry gather in the great hall to listen to the song of the Sorting Hat and go through the ceremony that will choose to what house of magicians they will belong for the rest of their years as students. The bravest end up in Gryffindor, the smartest in Ravenclaw, the kinder in Hufflepuff and the more ambitious in Slytherin. The Sorting Hat is the only one that knows which house each will belong to! This object is almost as old as Hogwarts Castle itself!

Wow Stuff offers us this fantastic keychain with the shape of the Sorting Hat. It's made of plastic and measures approximately 9 centimeters. Its form imitates in detail this mythical object of the universe of Harry Potter. But the most important thing is that he really speaks! Ask him what house you belong to and he will tell you! It works with batteries. It comes in a gift box with the Harry Potter logo. It's an official Harry Potter license manufactured by Wow Stuff.

What house would you like to belong to? Only the Sorting Hat can get you out of doubt! Get this great Sorting Hat Harry Potter Keychain made by Wow Stuff!

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