Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones

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Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones
Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones
Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones
Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones
Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones
Targaryen 3D Mug Game Of Thrones

Fire and blood! ABYstyle offers us a spectacular 3D mug of House Targaryen, the house of the old governors of Westeros! The Targaryen managed to dominate the mythical dragons and ruled six of the Seven Kingdoms for centuries, until they were knocked down by an alliance between the other noble houses. However, some managed to survive and went into exile in another continent swearing revenge. The last descendant of the Targaryen lineage is Daenerys of the Storm, the Mother of Dragons, perhaps one of the favorite characters of all Game of Thrones fans. Like her ancestors, Daenerys has three dragons at her service and is willing to claim the Iron Throne that was taken from her family in the past. Will she make it? ABYstyle offers us the opportunity to toast the Mother of Dragons and the Targaryen lineage with this great 3D mug!

This mug is made of ceramic and measures 10 centimeters high by 11 centimeters long, approximately. Its capacity is 500 milliliters and its surface has been molded imitating the appearance of the scales of a red dragon, the animal that represents House Targaryen. The emblem of the house, a scarlet dragon with three heads, appears framed in the central part. Around the emblem of the Targaryen we find an intricate frieze that gives it an ancient and mysterious aspect. It's a spectacular design! This mug is not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. It's recommended to wash it by hand to prevent deterioration. This product is an official license of Game of Thrones and has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

Do you feel the power of the dragon's fire? What are you waiting for to get this fantastic Targaryen 3D Mug Game of Thrones that ABYstyle offer us?

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